5 Ways to Organize Your Desk for Productivity

Choose 3 personal items

Finding the work-life balance can be tricky, but in today’s day and age, it’s becoming increasingly important to do so. That being said, try keeping only three personal items on your desk. If you have too many photos of your friends and family or personal mementos on your desk, you’re likely to get distracted from your work. 


Create a whitespace

Each desk, as packed as it can get, should have whitespace, which just means that there should be at least one area on the desk that is completely empty. Typically, your whitespace should be adjacent to your dominant hand, and it should be used for signing papers or taking notes—and only that!


Sort your papers by importance

While I urge you to go digital with most papers, there are times when you’ll have to have tangible papers nearby. In those instances, sort your papers by level of importance or urgency. We suggest having different folders for papers or tasks that need your attention today, tomorrow, or next week, but again, adjust accordingly!


Put a trash can under your desk

Having a trash can under your desk ensures that you can stay focused on a task or project without having to get up to throw things away. Once you notice you have something to throw away, get rid of it. When your physical space is free of garbage and unnecessary items, your mind can be too, allowing for your most productive work days.


What are your best tips for organizing your desk?