Health & Wellness PR


Dominate the Health and Wellness Industry With Our PR Services

Now more than ever health and wellness are center stage in everyone’s mind. From the latest fitness apps, and wellness products, to a more holistic approach to your overall health, we are here to help spread self-care and self-love globally. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London, we are tapped into all the latest health and wellness trends and here to help your brand expand. 

Grow your wellness brand with our tailored, boutique PR tactics.

Press and Editorial

When it comes to public relations, we create targeted pitches for our clients that help them stand out in the saturated health and wellness markets. We not only have experience in securing meaningful print, online, and broadcast coverage for each of our clients, we also have a passion for taking brands to the next level and helping them reach new heights.

Digital Media

Does your following need a glow-up? Your brand should be turning heads on every feed, and we can get you there with our years of experience working with bloggers and social media influencers. You could say that we know which areas of the market your brand should double-tap into.

And More

Whatever you need to meet your brand’s goals, we will guide you every step of the way. Our wellness PR agency offers a number of bespoke services to help you dress up your brand, from creating press kits, press releases and media alerts to setting up meetings with top editors, producing branded events, gifting celebrities and influencers, media training, and more.

What Health & Wellness Brands Can Expect From 3d PR

At 3d PR, we help you build your business, boost brand awareness, and drive customer loyalty in the crowded wellness industry. We work with clients to secure coverage in print, and online media as well as tv appearances. Get your brand on the stage at big wellness and lifestyle events, and participate in our own 3d Wellness Retreat. As the industry blossoms, we work closely with influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders in the space to help make your brand a household name.


Our Health & Wellness PR Clients