Being Realistic About Instagram

We love it, we hate it, yet we need it, Instagram has become the most dominant and persuasive platform in terms of branding. While it is beneficial to create and post content often, ensuring you are posting engaging & meaningful content is more important.  


Without an accurate representation of your brand, getting the results you hope for is nearly impossible. STOP doing what everyone else is doing and START being true to your brand and image.

We know this can be extremely daunting, but here at 3d PR & Marketing we decided to let you in on some our tips & tricks!

First, it is crucial that what your brand stands for is depicted on your feed. Having the answer to these questions will help build your brand both on social media and through online sales.


  • What is your brand identity?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What sets you apart?


Answering these questions will help narrow down what appeals to your clientele and the consistent direction of your Instagram & business.

Second, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Curate a plan that will help you stay organized & strategic with your posts. Creating a strategy that represents your brand in a cohesive manner will attract followers to your page. When you consistently put out quality content that is on-brand followers will identify your brand, once you have a reliable appearance followers will eventually turn into long-term customers.

Lastly, stay true to the brand, TRUST & HONESTY is vital. The tiniest mishap, such as usage of an incorrect word, depiction of your product/service, or incorrect engagement can set your business back YEARS. Before pressing ‘post’ ensure that everything associated with the post is accurate and on-brand.





If you’re still a little weary of the marketing monster, we call Instagram- send us a message! We’d love to help you get a jump start and ease your way through the process.