Holly Haworth aka 3d PR’s Newest Member!

Just like any family, 3d PR & Marketing loves welcoming new additions to our team! Recently, we have welcomed Holly Haworth our new public relation coordinator. So in true ( & uncomfortable) 3d PR manner, we decided to do a little research and dedicate a post to our fab newcomer!

 Holly grew up in Los Angeles, CA- specifically the valley and has lived there her entire life, as a child Holly always wanted to be a dancer, she believes it is the best way to express herself and connect with others; in fact, she coaches dance and cheer to kids currently while also working at 3d PR & Marketing.

Holly recently graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy & Entrepreneurship. She got into public relations when she realized how much of a role PR plays in both business & entrepreneurship and how PR aids in business’ success.

Realizing how much there is to learn about these industries, Holly decided to apply for PR internships her junior year of college and ended up at 3d, where she is now our Public Relations Account Coordinator! Holly loves working with brands that she connects with on a deeper level, when she is personally inspired by her client she feels more inclined to support their PR & marketing efforts because she wants others to experience what her client has to offer.