Three Things Your Customers Should Feel When Looking at Your Brand’s Socials

Throughout the years social media has become an essential part of our lives, whether it is for personal use or business, we are constantly staring down at our phones. When we utilize social media genuinely we can inspire and create authentic connections with our clients

As a brand/service, you make a huge impact on our clients’/followers’, therefore, the content you post should:

  • Make them feel Positive

  • Bring them Clarity

  • Empower them

By answering the following questions yourself, you, as a business, will ensure your content reflects your brand accurately and in an encouraging manner.

  • As a consumer, how would I feel about this post?

  • Am I inspiring my social media community positively?

  • Can I see myself feeling encouraged and empowered by this?


Social media is a powerful tool, let’s use it to our advantage positively.