Let’s Talk About Editorial Calendars

What Are They?

An editorial calendar is a calendar included in a publication’s media kit that has a list of issues scheduled to be released, their release dates, and their deadlines! For example, by looking at Elle Magazine’s editorial calendar, you will find that their November issue is their “Hollywood Issue,” and that it will be on stands November 3rd.

Why Do We Need To Know This?

Editorial Calendars are the holy grails of securing placement in a print publication. Using an editorial calendar is extremely beneficial in the public relations and marketing world, as it helps you plan strategically when pitching your clients. If your client is a jewelry brand, you can plan on pitching them for the Accessories Issue, instead of pitching randomly and risking getting ghosted! 

Where Can I Find Them?

Most publications have their editorial calendars and media kits available for free online! Most often then not, you can scroll to the bottom of a publication’s website and click on Media Kit. Inside you will find that editorial calendar.

Good luck, and happy pitching!