Media Talk: Embargo

An “embargoed” media release is something you will come across a few times if you choose to pursue a career in public relations, so what does it mean?

Embargo, what is it?

An embargoed release, is a release that is shown to the media before it is shown to the public. In other words, the information in the release is set to go public at a certain date, but the media gets to see the release beforehand. This can help secure coverage that is to be released when that announcement is made public. 


A major component of an embargoed release is confidentiality. Embargo means that the media must hold this “secret” for you, before the release is public. This can make or break a public relations professional’s relationship with a journalist. 

Embargo Vs. Off the Record

An embargoed release can be used for the release of a new product, or any other exclusive information, but it is always meant to be public, EVENTUALLY. Off the record information is never meant to be made public. It is extremely important to know the difference in order to communicate effectively with the media, and receive the best possible outcome for your release!