Things to Look For in an LA Wellness PR Firm

So you’re a wellness company based in Los Angeles looking for a PR agency to represent your brand. There are numerous agencies to choose from, so what are some key things to look for? 


One of the most crucial things to look for when selecting a PR agency is making sure the firm has represented other brands in that industry. By looking at their clientele, you will be able to get a better sense of the agency’s understanding and experience with wellness.


Any PR agency is only as strong as their contacts. Especially in LA, who you know is everything, and it can make or break you. If an agency has good relationships with several contacts, you can trust them to get the coverage you need for your brand or company.


Making sure the PR firm you choose to represent you is well-versed in onsite and virtual events is important because those events will determine whether the products you’re promoting or upcoming initiatives you have will succeed or not.

Good Fit

The right firm will be passionate about your company and aligns with your brand easily, allowing the work to progress smoothly.

That Extra Push

Is your PR agency willing to go the extra mile for you? When asking yourself that question, if the answer is yes, you will know you’ve found the right firm to represent you.