What’s A Clipping And Why Do We Use Them As PR Pros?

When working in public relations, marketing or any client-centric industry, an evaluation of results is important for measuring your success and highlighting your value. Press clippings are a great method for a public relations team to gauge their efforts and assess clients’ reputation within the media. 

What is it? 

A press clipping is a compilation of media mentions secured on behalf of a client in either print, online or broadcast media. You can share clippings of media mentions with clients in real-time as they publish, on a weekly or monthly basis, or any mixture of these options. 

What are the benefits? 

By sharing press clippings, you can better measure your client’s reputation and how they’re being portrayed in the media, evaluate which angles/topics are resonating with editors and reporters and showcase your value as a public relations firm. All of this information can also help inform future decisions surrounding your communications strategies and PR plan for said client. In addition, press clippings make for fantastic case studies and can be repurposed for your own marketing efforts. Highlight particularly great press hits in top-tier outlets on your website and social channels for an added wow factor and to enhance credibility.