Should I Pitch An Editor Or A Reporter?

Knowing who to pitch to can be one of the trickiest parts about pitching! Should you pitch to an editor or a reporter? Well, the answer is that you can pitch to both, but depending on the publication, you might find it better to pitch to an editor, or vice versa. 


The key to getting your pitch to the right person is doing your research! Find out who covers what most often at that publication, editor or not. If your client is in the beauty world, find the Beauty editor or director and pitch it to them! Don’t send it to the Entertainment editor and hope for the best. 

The Difference Between Magazines and Newspapers

At online and print magazines, you are most likely better off pitching to editors. At most publications, there will be several editors and directors covering the same beats, so find the one that fits your pitch best, or send it to them all! Just make sure you’re keeping the pitch personal. 

Newspapers work a little differently, as they come out daily or weekly. Editors here are being pitched constantly and may not have a chance to get to yours right away! In this case, it might be best to find a reporter who covers the beat you’re looking for and pitch from there.

At the end of the day

Getting your pitch read by as many people as possible, means more opportunities, so pitch away to that editor or reporter and secure that placement!