5 Tips for Staying Organized While WFH

Wearing pajamas to work everyday may sound like a dream to some, but working from home also comes with some obstacles—especially during a global pandemic. Here are a few tips for how to stay organized while working from home:

Set regular hours

Being at home comes with many distractions, but keeping to a set schedule will help prevent procrastination. Try to make a schedule with similar hours that you would have in an office setting to keep you on task throughout the day. 

Designate a space just for work

Separating personal life and work life can be difficult when working from home, but creating a space just for work will help you find a separation between the two. Find a space within your apartment or house that can be specific for work. This will allow you to stay more focused on your tasks while you are within your workspace! 

Use a calendar

Whether it’s the calendar on your phone or a paper calendar, it is always important to have a space to write down important dates. It’s easy to lose track of time while working from home, but using a calendar will help you track important dates and deadlines!

Clean your desk each day

You may be tempted to leave your desk a mess if it is only you looking at it, but make time to clean your desk daily. This will help you stay on top of tasks and feel more organized and productive. 

Designate time for breaks

With all of the distractions of working from home, you may be tempted to walk away from a task you are working on to take your dog for a walk. This can lead to disorganization and a lack of focus. Make sure you carve out time for those distractions before they make you lose your focus!