Try It: Social Media Cleansing

As I stand in line waiting to order my five dollar latte, I scroll through my Instagram feed looking at photos of cute dogs making funny faces, a friend in Tulum, and a meme about how “your girl plays too much”.  I’m paying attention, but not really. I close the app, order my latte, and reopen it. *start scrolling*

We have become extremely dependent on social media. For good reason; it’s a natural, easy escape mechanism from awkward social interactions. However, it also limits us from experiencing the world around us and can take a toll on our mental health.

So, my challenge to you is to go on a social media cleanse –  it can be for a few hours or if you’re feeling extra brave, for a full day. The benefits of going off-the-grid can be limitless, but I’ll name the top three and let you decide.



This one is HUGE. Social media, especially Instagram, can promote feelings of inadequacy. We unintentionally compare ourselves to strangers on social media, leading to anxiety and low self-esteem. Without the constant pressure and reminder of what we could be doing according to IG, we begin to enjoy our own lives and selves.



Much like my coffee run experience, the use of social media restrains us from in-person small talk on the daily. It almost makes in-person communication in public areas taboo. Although, you’d be surprised at how many lovely people surround you that you’ve never noticed. By limiting your social media usage, you’ll feel empowered to speak with the person standing next to you in line, who just might be the hook-up to your next big career move.



This doesn’t require much explanation; we’ve all experienced the social media black hole. When you know you have one million and one errands to run, but you jump on IG or Twitter to update yourself super quick. Then realize it’s been five hours, the sun has set, and your day is gone. That’s the social media black hole. It’s safe to say limiting yourself from social media daily or weekly will allow you to finally get those errands accomplished in record timing.