What Sets Marketing & PR Apart at 3d

We hear about public relations and marketing often, yet we seldom know the difference between the two; Although they are dynamic together, they are vastly different:  marketing handles advertising and direct sales, while public relations handles press and brand identity. 

Noticeably, many companies will focus on one or the other, rarely both. However, working with a firm that can provide you both PR & marketing will bring your company credibility, consistency and greater visibility- who doesn’t love that?! 

Progressively, PR & marketing are overlapping, according the  2018 Global Communications Report from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, “Ninety percent of PR agency professionals and 82 percent of in-house PR pros predict PR will become more integrated with marketing over the next five years.” They have become one with the other, more exposure and publicity helps drive traffic to the website which eventually results in sales. 


At 3d we use both public relations and marketing to create a fluid strategy for your business; We pride ourselves on being a full service firm, assisting your brand with celebrity outreach, event planning, and retreats.  We utilize an innovative thought process to communicate your brand to the correct outlet and/or consumer. 

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