What to Look For in a NYC Beauty PR Firm

If you are a beauty company that is trying to bring recognition and press to your brand, you have probably considered investing in PR. Public relations professionals are well equipped with communication tools to get you or your brand attention. However, in large cities, such as New York, there are a plethora of public relations firms for beauty brands to choose from. For this reason, it is important to know what to look for in a beauty PR firm. 


The best way to have faith in a PR agency is knowledge that they’ve achieved the results you seek in the past. For this reason, make sure to look at their clientele, and see if they have represented other brands within the industry. Firms may claim they specialize in beauty PR and may only have one client that falls under that category. You want a company that is well-versed in the beauty industry so they know the best way to pitch your product to media outlets. Journalists want to write stories that are relevant to what people care about currently, which is why it is imperative that a PR firm has the ability to entice them into granting your company free press. For example, if your company releases a new brow pencil or brow gel, a public relations firm specializing in beauty should know the latest eyebrow trends in makeup in order to pitch your product to the press in a way that makes it relevant. 


PR is all about clear, two-way communication. An agency that is diligent in their communication with you and responds promptly will be the same way with media which is the key to getting the word out about your brand. 


Look at where their clients have been featured. This will give you an idea of the contacts the company has and the relationships they have built within the press. Even though any feature obtained is great, you want to make sure a pr company can get your brand showcased in outlets within the beauty space. This way, it has a better chance of reaching your target demographic and brand awareness. 


Product launches and event campaigns go hand-in-hand with spreading the message about your brand and enhancing brand recognition. A beauty public relations firm should have knowledge and experience in planning and organizing successful events for their clients. With COVID-19 creating a new normal, a beauty PR firm should also be well-versed in executing virtual events. Technological knowledge of different software programs is essential to creating and sending invitations and making the virtual event as engaging as possible. 



If a public relations firm specializing in beauty does not believe in the product, or does not feel as strongly as you do about it becoming a success, look elsewhere. Passion is what will fuel the drive to make sure your product reaches as many people as possible. It will create that willingness to go the extra mile in creating campaigns and thinking outside of the box when reaching out to different media.